Vision The Third Eye

Data Detection

we learned how to detect a photo and then we went to how to change a photo to a video and how do video works and then we moved to our web cam the main part and we faced problems in inserting a classifier and then the real part, our project is working but it has an accuracy of 50 percent and we are not satisfied with this, So tried to increase accuracy in our project so we have make a new algorithm for it So, we started working on it and we spend more than one week to search and create an algorithm and then again we started to implement it and in this hard time we got our next milestone we are tired of doing that in this milestone we have to submit our user interface and block diagram and after submitting our milestone 2 we started working on database where we have to store our numberplates and this is our struggle because we have to make an interface for our database if we are using MySQL or any other database but we faced lot’s of problems in implementing it so we decided to store our data in excel sheets which is a bit easer and it is user friendly and at last of our semester we have to prepare a poster, presentation, video, report for our project and at final presentation we will have viva which will be very exited for.



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